Why do we focus on international litigation and arbitration?

We focus on international disputes because focused expertise makes a difference to your case.

International cases involve an entirely different body of law and practice.

Getting the best results in an international case requires creative, adaptable lawyers who have an international outlook and who are able to work comfortably with laws, parties, lawyers, arbitrators and state agencies from different legal systems and cultures.

International practice has developed its own practices and procedures that more generalist practitioners may not be familiar with. We know international practice because this is all we do and we have been doing it for a long time. We also have access to specialist legal resources and materials that are not readily available to more generalist practitioners.

Our experience and know-how enables us to leverage the international facets of a case to our clients' advantage.

Our rates compare favorably with other firms in the field. We further enhance the value of our services to you through our billing practices. In appropriate cases, we also have the flexibility to accept alternative fee arrangements.

Our Billing is Value-Driven

Our billing approach is designed to help you control costs, minimize uncertainty, and show you the value of the services we provide.

We do not bill for tasks of a routine or administrative nature.

We consciously depart from the industry practice of passing on charges for communication costs, meals, overtime costs, local transport, and electronic research database costs.

We spend your money as we do our own, and do our best to lower our respective costs by use of technology and project management tools, and through our relationships with litigation support vendors and experts.

We provide informative billing statements that are easy to understand. You have a right to know exactly what we are doing for you and what you are paying for.
How we provide value?

Whichever law firm you hire, you indirectly pay for the way they structure and operate their firm.

Clients ultimately pay for every dollar the firm spends, and also inefficiencies in the way the firm operates.

Our firm model emphasizes practices designed to minimize operational cost and inefficiency, with the aim of maximizing value to the client:

  • We staff cases leanly with experienced lawyers.
  • We utilize technology to reduce our administrative and operational costs.
  • We rely on efficient electronic document storage and retrieval for all our cases.
  • We use specialized and efficient electronic research sources.
  • We utilize the most cost-effective means of travel and communication for the case.
  • We run our firm platform with minimal overhead.